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About the Law Firm

We simplify, we do not complicate – a modern approach to your company’s legal matters based on knowledge and experience in achieving business goals.

We are aware that business clients want to simplify problematic and complicated legal regulations and procedures, to actually solve problems, and not to generate them, as many lawyers do. We subordinate legal activities for entrepreneurs to their main business goal, i.e. generating income. All our activities are aimed at maximizing benefits for entrepreneurs, i.e. eliminating the risk of financial liability for decisions made, as well as maximizing revenues from business projects that, for legal reasons, do not develop in the direction expected by the client, or develop slower than expected.

Leave legal issues to us, you can focus on developing your business in peace

Tell us what problem you have in your company and what you want to achieve, and we will choose the fastest and best legal solution to help you achieve your goals. You will know the cost of our service in advance, you will receive ready-made applications and recommendations, based on which you will be able to decide which direction to go. You will focus on business decisions, not on legal issues, which we will take over. We simplify, not complicate.



Legal support entrepreneurs

We provide ongoing legal services to entrepreneurs. We provide legal support to clients in the course of running a business – from broadly understood civil law, commercial law, company law through participation in court proceedings, as well as in the field of labor law.

Labor law

We represent entrepreneurs in disputes with employees, both individual and collective, related to cooperation with trade unions. We advise company management boards, negotiate collective agreements, work, remuneration and social security regulations.

Public procurement

The law firm specializes in serving public entities in the field of public procurement law. We offer support at every stage of the tender, starting from the tender documentation, including order estimation. We also represent ordering parties before the National Chamber of Appeal.

Ignorance of the law is harmful. Stay updated.

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