Labor law

As part of our ongoing service to entrepreneurs, the Law Firm has gained considerable experience in handling labor law cases. In particular, we conducted disputes regarding compensation, reinstatement, and remuneration for overtime work. We also have experience in handling matters related to employment relations based on employment contracts and, at the same time, appointing members to the bodies of capital companies.

We actively represent entrepreneurs in disputes with employees, both individual and collective, related to cooperation with trade unions. Especially in the latter area, we have repeatedly advised the management boards of large companies, negotiated collective agreements, work regulations, remuneration regulations, social security benefits, assisted in the registration of collective agreements and additional protocols to collective agreements, and prepared agreements on non-competition and data confidentiality protection. We prepared regulations for group layoffs and represented employers in labor disputes related to job cuts for reasons attributable to the employer. We have repeatedly prepared employee documentation in the field of collective labor law, taking into account aspects of employment cost optimization. Our lawyers also work for Trade Unions, thus learning the arguments of both sides of labor disputes, which they use in ongoing legal services for workplaces.

In addition, the Law Firm’s team also has experience in proceedings related to obtaining social insurance benefits in the event of sickness and maternity, accident benefits, and pension proceedings, including the indexation of such benefits.

The law firm provides permanent services in employment and personnel matters in large, medium and small enterprises from various sectors of the economy, as well as public entities, including common courts, which employ several professional groups specialized in their fields. We also have experience in employment matters before the Supreme Court.