Legal training

We conduct training for managerial staff and employees of individual company departments, including Department Managers and Leaders in the field of labor law (including working time), as well as for HR and health and safety teams. The training and workshops we organize are conducted by professionals and experts specializing in a given issue. You can be sure that you are receiving information from a reliable and verified source. When conducting training and workshops, we place great emphasis on the practical usefulness of the information provided. In addition, we tailor content to the needs of a defined audience.

Very often, interest in our services arises due to existing problems that are difficult to solve. We help to remove them and also take care to prevent their appearance in the future. Thanks to training conducted by lawyers – practitioners in a given field of law, it is easier for us to understand emerging problems and conduct training in terms of practical knowledge necessary for a given professional group.

For both lawyers and business people, staying up to date with changes in the law is a very important aspect. We make every effort to always provide the latest knowledge. For this purpose, we constantly monitor changes in law, both Polish and EU, and inform our clients about changes in applicable legal regulations that are important for their business. The law firm provides this service in the form of preparing notes from the Journals of Laws and Official Journals of the EU, sending information to the indicated organizational units of the client, and, if necessary, supporting the process of interpreting new legal provisions.