The Law Firm’s team successfully conducts compensation cases, both in connection with economic events and those related to: damage to persons or property – in particular traffic damage. We offer assistance in obtaining due compensation, compensation and pension.

Our services include legal assistance for the injured person in an accident, but also for his or her family in the event of disability or death of the injured person.

We are flexible in determining the forms of remuneration for our work, with the possibility of establishing the so-called success fee, as a percentage of the amount won in compensation proceedings, while maintaining ethical and legal principles binding legal advisors and lawyers.

The above applies in particular to traffic incidents, but also to accidents at work, medical malpractice and other random events. Our activity focuses primarily on:

  • ongoing advice on insurance contracts, insurance guarantees and other products on the insurance market;
  • pursuing claims for compensation, including compensation, under insurance contracts;
  • conducting and supervising the claims settlement process at the pre-litigation stage;
  • legal representation of individual clients and entrepreneurs in cases against insurance companies (both in criminal proceedings – including at the preparatory stage, as well as in civil and disciplinary proceedings).