Transport law

The law firm provides permanent legal assistance to several companies from the transport industry. The law firm has represented clients in numerous disputes regarding transport damage, both under Polish transport law and the CMR Convention, including logistic errors and communication damage.

As part of this specialization, we offer:

  • preparing drafts and giving opinions on transport and forwarding contracts and other contracts regulating the parties’ obligations related to both domestic and international transport of goods;
  • legal representation in matters related to pursuing claims under transport law, both domestic and international;
  • collecting outstanding freight or pursuing compensation claims at the pre-litigation stage, including negotiating the final terms of agreements in this regard;
  • determining the scope of liability of entities participating in the transport for damages incurred and pursuing claims for compensation in this respect;
  • giving opinions on insurance contracts in terms of ensuring the optimal scope of insurance coverage, including conducting negotiations with insurers;
  • supervision over loss adjustment in the course of pursuing claims from insurance companies and legal representation in cases against insurers;
  • ad hoc assistance in solving current problems arising under transport law, both domestic and international;
  • permanent legal services for enterprises in the logistics, forwarding and transport industries.