Legal services for entrepreneurs

The Law Firm’s team consists of professional legal representatives (legal advisors and attorneys) who have many years of experience in representing clients before common and administrative courts and the Supreme Court.

We have successfully conducted several hundred serious court disputes, including in the field of performance and settlement of construction works, compensation for improper performance of commercial contracts, compensation for torts, transport damage, compensation for harm, including in connection with bodily injury or death of a loved one as a result of traffic accidents, we also conducted disputes related to payment for services provided and goods delivered, numerous labor disputes (both on the part of employees and employers, including with the Labor Inspectorate in the case of refusal to register a company collective labor agreement), in matters of consumer disputes (in including against the Consumer Ombudsman), appeals against administrative decisions of state and local government bodies, appeals against ZUS decisions, in energy matters before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection in Warsaw.

The main subject of our activity is to provide permanent legal services to entrepreneurs, consisting in ongoing support for clients in running their businesses. This service includes, among others: We prepare legal documentation for clients, including:

  • commercial contracts, civil law contracts, confidentiality contracts,
  • contracts related to the provision of work (including employee and trade union documentation),
  • periodic information for the works council,
  • regulations provided for by labor law and collective agreements,
  • applications to the National Court Register (KRS),
  • protokoły i uchwały zarządu, rady nadzorczej, zgromadzenia wspólników oraz walnego zgromadzenia akcjonariuszy (z udziałem notariusza),protokoły i uchwały zarządu, rady nadzorczej, zgromadzenia wspólników oraz walnego zgromadzenia akcjonariuszy (z udziałem notariusza),
  • regulations of the management board, supervisory board, audit committee,
  • reports on conducted cases (in Polish or English).

Prowadziliśmy dziesiątki postępowań odwoławczych przed Krajową Izbą Odwoławczą w sprawach przetargowych, wygrywając wiele z nich dla naszych Klientów, dzięki czemu pozyskiwali wielomilionowe kontrakty wykonawcze lub usługowe. W tym zakresie wspieramy przedsiębiorców z różnych branż, w tym głównie budowlanej, transportowej, a także usługowej (ochrona, sprzątanie, utrzymanie zieleni, inne).