Ważne zmiany dla przedsiębiorców i podatników w 2024 roku

Ważne zmiany dla przedsiębiorców i podatników w 2024 roku

NewsletterW związku z planowanymi zmianami w prawie podatkowym, przedsiębiorcy muszą liczyć się z koniecznością wprowadzenia w życie nowych regulacji prawnych. Poniżej wskazujemy Państwu najważniejsze zmiany w prawie podatkowym w 2024 r., które z całą pewnością będą...

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Rekrutacja na stanowisko prawnika

Rekrutacja na stanowisko prawnika

Blog prawny Kancelaria Prawna Nowak & Wróblewski w Tarnobrzegu zatrudni absolwenta prawa na stanowisko prawnika. Mile widziane rozpoczęta aplikacja radcowska lub adwokacka, a także znajomość języka angielskiego w stopniu komunikatywnym. Dodatkowym atutem będzie...

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About us

NOWAK&WRÓBLEWSKI Law Office focuses on providing comprehensive legal support to enterprises, institutions, public entities and private individuals. As a provider of legal services, we handle cases in the field of business and commercial law, civil law, labor law, administrative law, real-estate law, financial law, criminal law and lawsuits.

Our Law Office provides comprehensive legal assistance to corporate customers in sectors such as manufacturing, trade, investment etc, both locally in Tarnobrzeg and in the region, and at the national level, both on a regular basis and as required. Our experienced advocates, legal advisers and lawyers also provide assistance in drafting and reviewing business contracts, grant agreements, and documents in the field of EU and international law.

Another of our strengths is company law (based on the Polish Code of Commercial Partnerships and Companies), including internal organization and corporate governance (legal support to companies’ governing bodies, labor law issues and settling of labor disputes).

We are looking forward to being your partner in legal matters!

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Our key objective is to ensure regular legal support to enterprises by assisting our Clients in their day-to-day business operations.


Drawing up legal documents for our Clients is a part of the service, including:

  • trade agreements, civil-law agreements, confidentiality agreements,
  • agreements related to the performance of work (including employee and trade union documentation),
  • periodical reports for works councils,
  • bye-laws required by the labor law and collective agreements,
  • applications to the National Court Register (KRS),
  • minutes and resolutions of the management boards, supervisory boards, shareholders’ meetings and general shareholders’ meetings (attended by a civil-law notary),
  • rules of procedure of the management boards, supervisory boards, auditing committees,
  • case reports (in Polish or English).

We represent enterprises in legal disputes, including cases related to the performance and settlement of construction works, compensation for improper performance of trade contracts, damages in tort, transport damage, compensation for non-material harm, including bodily injuries or death of a next-of-kin in traffic accidents; we also handled disputes related to payments for services and deliveries, numerous labor disputes (both on the employees’ and on the employer’s side, including a case against the Labor Inspectorate over its refusal to register a collective works agreement), consumer disputes (including a case against the Consumer Ombudsman), appeals against administrative decisions of central and local government bodies, appeals against decisions of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), cases in the field of energy law before the Consumer and Competition Protection Court in Warsaw.


Over the years, our Law Office has developed efficient debt collection methods, including instruments applied at pre-litigation and enforcement stages, enabling efficient search for, identification and freezing of the debtor’s assets for the purpose of future enforcement measures.


Our Law Office also handles many cases against the management of indebted companies, as well as cases of fraudulent conveyance against individuals to whom debtors transferred their assets. Our strengths in this area:

  • long-term experience in handling complex debt collection processes,
  • actions against the management and fraudulent conveyance cases,
  • regular cooperation with efficient enforcement officers,
  • well-developed methods to search for and identify debtors’ assets,
  • experience in amicable debt collection, securing recovery agreements and monitoring of payments.

Our Law Office also has expertise and practical skills in handling bankruptcy and restructuring cases. Mr. Tomasz Wróblewski is a licensed restructuring consultant (receiver), authorized to handle bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. We represent our Clients in bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings. We have experience in drafting bankruptcy petitions, notification of claims, as well as participation in creditors’ committees, or voting on restructuring settlements. In such proceedings, we represented actively entities both on the creditors’ side and on the debtors’ side, thus acquiring experience with regard to restructuring of companies’ liabilities.


We ensure legal advice to our Clients in proceedings related to family and guardianship law, in particular with regard to divorce, maintenance and marital property regimes, with particular focus on the protection of spouses’ rights in the event of either spouse’s insolvency.


Our practice also includes cases in the following areas:

  • legal analyses of facts resulting from marital property agreements,
  • advice in cases related to marital property while the marriage is in effect and after its cessation,
  • advice in the course of divorce and separation cases,
  • legal representation in cases related to the establishment of separate marital property regimes,
  • legal representation in divorce and separation cases,
  • legal representation in cases related to the establishment of separate marital property regimes,
  • legal representation in spousal maintenance cases, both with regard to meeting the family’s needs and with regard to maintenance obligations after the dissolution of the marriage,
  • legal representation in maintenance cases between parents and children,
  • advice in the course of cases related to the relationships between parents and children,
  • legal representation in cases related to rights of access, termination or restriction of parental responsibility,
  • legal representation in cases related to determination or denial of parentage.

Not knowing the law is harmful. Stay up to speed.

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Our Clients

‘’We (…) have developed frictionless cooperation in the spirit of mutual trust, and the lawyers from the law office are reliable, punctual and competent in providing expert legal assistance to address the Company’s problems as they appear.’

Tarnobrzeg, dnia 01.03.2016 r.

inż. Zofia Janiec

President of the Management Board of Tarnobrzeskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego Sp. z o.o.

‘(…) let me recommend this Law Office (…) as a reliable partner providing genuine legal support to the organization’s operations, in particular with regard to employee matters and risk assessment of our civil-law agreements.’

Stalowa Wola, dnia 01.03.2016 r.

Ewa Habuda

Head of the District Court in Stalowa Wola

“Podkreślam, że współpraca z Kancelarią Prawną Nowak & Wróblewski układa się bardzo dobrze, a dedykowani do obsługi naszej Spółki radcy prawni wykazują się wiedzą, doświadczeniem i zaangażowaniem niezbędnym do prawidłowego wykonania (…) zadań.”

Tarnobrzeg, 01.03.2016 r.

mgr inż. Antoni Sikoń

Prezes Zarządu, Tarnobrzeskie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o.

‘(…) let me recommend this Law Office (…) as a reliable law firm, with a young but experienced team of lawyers, committed to solving the Client’s legal problems and providing in-depth knowledge of Polish and international law, including EU legislation.’

Gorzyce, dnia 23.02.2016 r.

Dariusz Kowalski

CFO Federal-Mogul Gorzyce Sp. z.o.o.



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Mr. mec. Marcin Nowak

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